with gods in mind

09 Oct-14 Oct

‘with gods in mind’ is inspired by the understanding that we all live our lives with personal gods in our minds, whether embodied in the form of persons, religious icons, or more ethereal values. They engage us, enlarge our understanding and at times help to structure our view of the world through animism, shrines, journeying, a sense of absence, or through location and place.

The current exhibition by Hybrid, seven artists who are also Art Psychotherapists, explores how we hold this notion of gods in mind; how they accompany us and how we engage with this diverse and thought-provoking topic, manifesting it in our artwork using film, photography, installation, print, paint and ceramics.


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Opening Hours

Tues 9th –Sat 13th 11.00-6.00pm

Sun 14th – 11.00-4.00pm


Private View : Friday 12th 6pm – 8pm.


09 Oct 2018 - 14 Oct 2018