Light & Shade – Sightlines Projects

12 Jun-17 Jun

Light & Shade is an exhibition of contemporary art featuring 12 artists from Bristol and beyond whose work explores the transformative possibilities of light and the ways in which it can be used to convey or elicit form and feeling.


Artists have experimented with light and shade throughout history, pushing these opposite polarities to their extremes and exploring the power and the subtleties inherent within them. In this exhibition, light’s intrinsic relationship with the natural world is addressed by each of the artists, whether directly, through figurative representation, or indirectly, with abstract works. The lightness of touch in Emma Coop’s reflective etching mirrors the fleeting moments that it captures in a lyrical representation of the play of light on water, while Helen Jones and Mi-Young Choi elicit a contemplation of the sublime and spectacular nature of the elements through their very different yet equally striking depictions of the sky. The sky at night is the subject of Louise Beer’s minimalist sculpture; its rich opacity echoes Émilie-Christine P. Newman’s encaustic painting in its active consumption of light by darkness.


At the opposite end of the spectrum, Marguerite Knight’s white, mixed-media painting uses the play of light and shade to articulate its ever-changing form and textures. So, too, does Renata Sinclair’s web-like ‘map’, whose territories seem to drift and transform. Harriet Carter’s ethereal abstract painting explores the effects of natural light on both the making and reception of an artwork, while Hattie Moore’s translucent tree sculptures, devoid of shady leaves and branches, refract and reflect the light that surrounds them in a sort of inversion of their ‘natural’ role.


Nocturnal overtones emanate from the deceptively simple abstract forms in an etching by Paul Harvey Scull, while strange and unsettling effects of light and atmosphere are evocatively conveyed in the eerie silence of Ioanna Sakellaraki’s photography and Ruth Wallace’s ghostlike domestic interior, whose low-key lighting is reminiscent of film noir and engages with Freud’s concept of the ‘uncanny’.


Light & Shade is curated by Sightlines Projects, a Bristol-based curatorial partnership formed by Roz Bonnet and Sarah Knight in 2014. Their intention is to offer a platform for experimentation to emerging and established artists across all mediums, and to collaborate with artists to push and develop curatorial strategies.



Image:  Mi-Young Choi, Bail Out, oil on linen, 75 x 50cm, 2015


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Opening Hours

12 – 17 June 2018

11a.m – 6p.m. daily, except Sunday 17 June, 11a.m. – 3p.m.

Private View: Thursday 14 June, 6p.m. – 8p.m.


12 Jun 2018 - 17 Jun 2018