24 Jun-29 Jun

**** Please note : This exhibition is at Purifier House :- Purifier House, Lime Kiln Road, Bristol, BS1 5AD ****

For twenty years Mat Barber Kennedy has been making drawings and paintings of aging architecture and banal objects. His work is a culminating document celebrating small glimpses of the world we have made.

Mat’s work begins each year with a period of research in a new city: weeks of  observation,  walking  the  streets,  painting,  drawing  and  reading  to discover  what  is  typical  about  the  vernacular.  He also  looks  at  the  quirky aberrations, the bits that don’t fit the puzzle or have altered over time – how these reflect the history of a city, the culture and people.  Mat looks beyond the surface of the architecture and tries to express the experience of being somewhere. In any body of his work, there is a cumulative impression of what it is like to be in a particular place. His paintings reflect an understanding and passion for the fabric of cities: bricks and mortar, plaster, concrete and steel, built up in layers and decaying in pieces.

People  are  conspicuously  absent  from these paintings but  are  present instead  by implication. If a window is open, it is because someone opened it for air, then went to make some tea. As the years go by, people add  things  to  cities,  and  take  things  away.  Occupants  die  or  move  on, they put up signs and go out of business.  Children throw stones and touch door frames which get dirty by the handle. These are the bits Mat likes to study
and inspect. These are the signs of the life of a city.

Preview: Tuesday 24 June, 6-9pm

Artist Talk: Friday 27 June, 6-9pm



Opening Hours

Open from 10am to 6 pm


24 Jun 2014 - 29 Jun 2014


For further details contact

Adam Barber in Bristol 07790 231490


Mat Barber Kennedy in the USA 312 402 5393