01 May-06 May

Dialogue is an exhibition of work from Bristol based photographers Izzy De Wattripont, Becca Milne, Ellie Burd, Kamila Łozińska, Amy Howard, Izzy Percy, Alex Ereny and Emma Roff. Thework spans a vast range of subject matter, however is united through its overriding theme of the study of people and investigating how they identify themselves.


Izzy de Wattripont works primarily with themes surrounding gender, youth and identity. Currently studying Photography at the University of the West of England, de Wattripont is interested in documenting adolescence and how we come to determine who we are as a person through the social activities we partake in.


Isobel Percy is a photographer originally from Nottingham. Working in the studio and on location Percy works within themes she works within include, food, people and the service sector. Recently having an interest in the three economic sectors, working closely with the people at work and spaces within these areas.


Amy Howard is a Photographer from Oxford. Themes in her work often revolve around people she meets and relationships she builds up with them. Recently she has shot on medium format film cameras but also enjoys working in digital and uses her background in textiles and interior design to inspire her work.


Becca Milne is from London now living in Bristol, she is very interested in documenting the relationship individuals have with themselves and their own identity. Her work spans both working in a studio and working on location. By doing so, she can experiment with both a fictional and non-fictional based narrative.


Ellie Louise is a photographer from Herefordshire currently living in Bristol. Her work studies people, their experiences and their stories. By slowly building a relationship with her subjects through conversation, she aims to create honest and intimate portraits.


Alex Ereny is a Bristol based photographer, particularly interested in fine art and social documentary photography. Having studied photography since 2012, she has developed her ideas and skills through varying investigations into different mediums, styles and practices. Ereny is concerned with portraying contrasting perspectives with ongoing social issues, as well as developing a more general documentary style.


Kamila Lozinska is a Bristol based photographer, born and raised in Warsaw, Poland. Her photography explores human behaviours as well as interactions. Lozinska’s methodology is deeply rooted in polish art, which she uses to explore themes of identity and belonging.



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Opening Hours

10am – 5pm


01 May 2018 - 06 May 2018