11 Oct-26 Oct

Antlers Gallery is pleased to announce Blacklight, an exhibition of new flower works by Charles Emerson.

Emerson’s photography captures a particular moment in his studio, everything you see within the exhibition happened and is real. He constructs a set using a tank, water, glass plates, mirrors and coloured and UV lights. Flowers are submerged in the tank as the core of each piece, Emerson then introduces inks, dyes and paints to imbue the scene with a sense of movement and life. It is this decisive moment which Emerson captures within his photography.

The Blacklight that gives the exhibition its name refers to the technique used in these works, where a black light is used to draw out the ultraviolet glow of the flowers.

Charles’ use of chiaroscuro and symbolism ties the work into the language and history of painting and in particular that of Vanitas. Emerson has found a new, bolder direction in his practice with some of his most painterly work to date. In paying homage to the painters that influenced him Emerson uses innovative techniques to investigate the possibilities of constructed photography, and explore the transient nature of living things, creating a multi-faceted work.


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Opening Hours

Tuesday – Saturday

10 – 6 Daily


11 Oct 2013 - 26 Oct 2013


For advance notice of all the works in the show including pricing and availability contact Jack

Phone: 07780 503 180