A Mother Beautiful

21 Jul-26 Jul

A Mother Beautiful is a project celebrating the raw beauty of mothers. Taking pride in every bump & mark, showing the world what real beauty looks like…

Every day a mother willingly changes their bodies and their lives, to create their child. It is time that this is celebrated by the world – not covered up and criticised.

The project has only just begun but Emma wants lots more women to get involved and to realise that they are A Mother Beautiful too! To feel pride in their changed bodies and to teach their children the meaning of real beauty, instilling confidence in themselves.

So to start the exhibition, Emma will be opening the gallery up to the public for a little launch party on Monday 20th from 6pm. The exhibition will then be running until Sunday 26th July hosted by the photographer (and possibly her crazy children), finishing with a special evening just for the mummies involved.

Once this project has been exhibited, ¬†Emma will open up the studio once again for A Mother Beautiful portraits – so why not come and see what it’s all about as you may want to join the mummy revolution!


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Opening Hours

Daily 10am – 5pm


21 Jul 2015 - 26 Jul 2015


For more details or to join the ‘A Mother Beautiful’ project contact Emma on:

Email: emmaeirenephotography@googlemail.com